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Flat Roof Protection System

Our flat roof protection system is certificated with the German GS-approval. It can be installed very fast and almost without any tools. 

The guardrails posts are available with wedge small boxes, and with tilting pins and can be combined thus with the double guardrails of the most usual German scaffolds systems.

The guardrails posts can be folded up in connection with the reinforcement framework planned for it upward, so that it is also possible to move on in the work in this range without handicap.

The corner - guardrails posts are provided with 4 small wedge boxes, in order to make a quick assembling possible also in the corner area without annoying screwing of the couplers.       

With this system, you can easily secure a large flat roof surface within short time and to a low cost.     
All parts are as from the professional association demanded separately described. 

The delivery takes place in connection with the manual of instructions and use.